And the car wouldn’t start…….

N 61 1.631′  W 46 46.115′, 87 m

We were up early, feeling the travel fever.  Made a nice breakfast and packed a good lunch.  Checked out from the hotel and had already organised transport down to the port with all our equipment.  And the car wouldn’t start……  Luckily Erni and Naja Nuka came with their kids to say goodbye.  They had a large car and we came down to the port in time.   Fantastic boat trip to the glacier.  The ice covered the innermost part of the fjord and the captain just drove the boat right up onto the ice!  This was unexpected but worked a treat.  He anchored the boat with an ice pick and we unloaded all our equipment.   When the boat left it was strange to think that we will only see each other for the next few weeks.  We could walk on the ice in to the ascension point.  It was difficult to find the route.  There is a reason it says “Unexplored” on the map , and since the glacier had receded more now than earlier we had to find a route ourselves.  We ended up walking 30 meters higher that we needed and had to lower the sleds down one by one.  This took time and energy.   It was good to be on the inland ice and relax.  Our bodies had worked hard, but were in good shape.   Our routines worked well and we are happy in our tent.  Good food and lots to drink as we travel.


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