We are kiting!

With the departure on 22 April 2014, we carry out our dream – to kite Greenland lengthwise. The expedition starts in Narsarsauq and after about 4 weeks, we plan to finish in Qaanaaq (which is Greenland’s northernmost city). In the distance there are 320 mil – that’s pretty much longer than the length of Norway… We’re looking forward to kite so far, but boy is it long!

Through these pages we want to share our preparations for this trip and all we need to plan before we stand at the water’s edge of the glacier with the ice of Greenland ahead of us -packed and ready for the trip. We hope you join us in planning and underway.

We are Tommy and Anette. We met on a trip and discovered that we had a common burning desire to kite in Greenland. Tommy is 40 years old, married with Eli and together they have children Tiril and Ine. Tommy works as a Procurement Manager for Golar LNG. Anette is 41 years old, single, no children and works as an IT Project Manager for KPMG.

We are now in the process of planning and preparation for this trip and we would like to share with you. This is an exciting expedition!